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Dogs are family

People Come to Me with WILDY Different Situations

So I wrote these articles to try to meet you where you are. ❤️

Wall of Fame

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All of those reviews feel overwhelming?

I could go on,

But realistically, you get it, you know that it works...

"But what if I don't have time?"

That's exactly WHY this system is for you! The Perfect Pack Formula™ specializes in making your efforts COUNT. Also, if you think you're low on time now, try having to do it AGAIN just because it wasn't done right the first time...This is often a case of "Do it right, or do it twice."

"What if my dog is too old?"

You'll be happy to know that's a myth. Nearly all of the above success stories were adults before they started training. In fact, sometimes adults can be easier than puppies!

"What if it's in my dog's DNA?"

You'll be happy to hear that is ALSO a myth. There are a LOT of Rottweilers, Shepherds, Pitties, etc in the above reviews. NO misbehavior is "in their DNA".

"We've tried everything, every gadget, we've even had multiple trainers!"

If you read the testimonials above, you'll find we are COMMONLY the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Trainers people have hired. You're in good company! What do they all have in common? We're always the last. 😎

"What if it's too expensive?"

We've done a few things to make sure money never holds anyone back from getting the results they need with their dogs. 1. We have 0% Interest Financing. 2. We offer the eCourse, book, etc as a bundle for those that need a lower price point than the private lesson programs. And you'd never know it but some of our reviews are from that course material, not just the private lesson programs.


"I have a hard time staying motivated."
"It feels insurmountable."
"Where do I even begin?"

We have an online community that you'll be able to join with dog owners JUST like you who will be there, along with me, to support you through the journey. And don't worry we have step by step guides (literal flow charts) to take the guess work out of everything.

Let me shoot straight for a moment...

If I helped all of those people
JUST LIKE YOU to overcome the same problems you're experiencing, is it unreasonable to think that I could help you?

Those people above had the following issues they needed help with:

Potty Training, jumping on company, sprinting through doors anytime they're open, barking in inappropriate moments, growling, biting, attacking, stealing food off of the counter or from one another (other dogs), chewing up furniture (among other things!), reactivity to dogs or people, reactivity to items (Cars, vacuum cleaners, etc), nipping, not coming when called, attacking the fenceand a lot more... 

You know what a lot of them had in common?

They were thinking about giving up...Until they ran into me and the Perfect Pack Formula™

P.s. I was ALSO ready to give up as a dog trainer and even did! That is, until I learned the crucial lessons that led to the creation of The Perfect Pack Formula™

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In-House Training
I come to you, and each lesson is focused on training you as an owner. No treats, collars, cruelty, etc. If your dog trains in a facility, your dog might be great in the facility but still bad at home. That's why all our training efforts are "apples to apples".


Free Consultation

Organize a free over the phone consultation where we will come up with a personalized solution.



One-on-one dog training lessons with a Master Dog Trainer in the dogs natural environment.



We have never met a dog that we couldn't teach and train! We teach you how to communicate with your dog the natural way!

Image by Sincerely Media
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