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Hi, I'm Chris!


We want to help as many dogs as possible.

Our company was founded by Master Trainer Chris Williams, the Creator of the Perfect Pack Formula™ and Wife, AlexAnne Williams. Through life they both had such a fondness of animals and such a natural way with them that it is no surprise what line of work they in which they landed. Chris first began training in 2013 with a company in his local town just for side money. Little did he know it would turn into a burning passion. Then in 2014 things came to a screeching halt when he was mauled by a dog he was working with. It was the end, so it seemed...

Or was it the beginning?

The mauling launched Chris into a process of trying to understand what happened, and why. After thousands of hours of study, he emerged with a concoction of the Zoology of the Canis Familiaris and the Canis Lupus, Modern Therapy Tactics for overcoming obsession, neuroscientific strategies for cognition, behavioral modification, and Memory Manipulation (Memory manipulation is not quite as fancy as it sounds) and Psychological Blueprints for informed parenting.

Now he spends his time telling the world!

And I'm Hooper!

Hooper spent a lot of time working in the ASPCA shelter system. It was during this time that he realized there was a great need for good training in the Dallas area. So being the passionate person he is, he set out to learn. Aided by the behavioral specialists at the facility, he embarked on a quest, determined to change the outcome of as many dogs as possible. Eventually, it became clear that to create the kind of change he was now dreaming of, he would have to leave the walls of the shelter. He called us, and we're grateful. Hooper has proven to be an invaluable member to our team and irreplaceable to those that have worked with him. He's worked with all kinds of behavioral issues, a multitude of breeds and sizes, and has exhibited his skill across a diverse set of circumstances. We love him and know you will, as well.


Why we don't offer Board and Train services as a company.


The dog training industry is built on the flagship board and train service. But what is wrong with this? For starters you have to say goodbye to your dog for a little while and that stinks but more importantly, you don't learn the trade yourself. So what happens? You continue to ship dog after dog off to be trained each time you get a new one. But what if there was an easy to understand system that you could use to train all of your own dogs? One that meant you could pay a one time fee to learn it, and forever be taken care of? Well now there is. Master Trainer Chris Williams, after 14,000 hours of intense study and and research, has created the Perfect Pack Formula™ and it is taught in all lesson programs.

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