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A little about it..

Our board and train program is designed to take the stress off of you as an owner by allowing a professional to step in and not only obedience train your dog to the highest level, but to also rid the dog of the behaviors that are driving you crazy.

Our programs range from 2 weeks for intro puppy fundamentals all the way up to 6 Weeks for perfected obedience, socialization, and off leash reliability. This means we offer programs that cover everything from puppy basics all the way to creating an elite companion that you could literally take anywhere and do anything with. 

Let me ask, if you gave your dog a command without any treats and with distractions all around, what are the odds that your dog is going to respond the first time asked?

That's what we mean when we say Elite Obedience Training to the highest level. Nothing like what you'll see at the big box store classes. We're talking about truly reliable commands, not party tricks.

All dogs stay in my home, personally and are trained daily.


Midterm Lesson

Halfway through the program the owner will be required to come work with the dog to ensure they (the owner) are gaining the skillset to follow through with the training. This can give you the knowledge and confidence that you won't lose the precious results you've gained from the countless hours of training your dog has received.


At 6 months, and 12 months, you'll get complimentary refreshers to make sure the dogs are staying "tight" and obedient. This means you get ongoing support to keep them as polished as possible.

Elite Obedience

Most of the time Sit, Down, Stay, Come, and Heel are taught as nothing more than party tricks and it shows when the dog decides they "just don't want to do it" or they're "just too distracted." When we say obedience training we're talking about training that's reliable enough that you could put your dog in competitions if you wanted to. Why? For the notoriety or the titles? No way. But because when you say a command it should be just that. A command. Not a suggestion. You pay way too much in rent to keep a roof over your dog's head for them to feel comfortable just dismissing your words. When you work with me, the "ignoring you" is gone for good.

Behavior Modification Training

This is the kind of training that doesn't quite fit in the "obedience" mold. I've seen dogs that were great in their "competitions" and then would lunge at other dogs any time they were out of the obedience ring! Obedience is more about what your dog SHOULD do. Behavior modification is about what we'll get your dog to STOP doing. This is not an exhaustive list but think about things like

Jumping on company, excessive or demand barking, pottying in the house, stealing food, chewing, digging, biting, lunging, aggression in general, and a lot of other things you wish your dog would "Just stop!"

Is that the kind of thing you're looking for?

Boarding Training Programs

Green Nature

Puppy Fundamentals

This program is mostly aimed at alleviating the stereotypical puppy behaviors AND giving the dog a good foundation that we can use to build on later for higher training. Potty training, nipping, barking, crate training, marker training, and soclialization are all covered and more in this Puppy Fundamentals Program.

Total Transformation Obedience Training

In this fun but intense training program, we will perfect your dog's leash skills, create a level of self control you've never seen from them, teach and polish all obedience commands to the point of excellence. Commands like like sit, down, stay, come, heel, place, kennel and more. We will also be finishing behavior modification training to eliminate pesky behaviors you may be dealing with like jumping, barking, counter surfing, chewing, digging, and more. For the sweet but overexcited dog this kind of thing is just what the doctor ordered.

Elite Companion Training

This program includes everything we go over in the Total Transformation Program PLUS travel etiquette, public access training, restaurant manners, and a lot more. This is for an OFF LEASH dog that you could do anything with.

Looking for aggression rehabilitation?

That's my specialty.

I'd like to work with you and your dog before suggesting a program.

This way you get the benefit of knowing the program was cutsom made for your dog.

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