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Image by Robby McCullough

Recomended Gear



1 Slip lead and one Carabiner Climbing Rope Leash

Why 2? The slip lead is less expensive. The carabiner leash is just the most gorgeous leash I've ever seen. lol Also you can attach it to a martingale collar to accomplish the same end goal as the slip lead or you could use it like a regular leash with a harness, collar, etc. 


If you decide to go with the martingale collar, you won't need the slip lead, you can really use any leash you'd like. It uses the same clip as any leash. 


Cot beds have become really commonly accepted because they can be broken down and washed.

Cetyl M

This is actually a supplement my dogs are currently on. A client had a dog with bad hips and then they got their dog on this supplement and their dog, just a week or 2 later, was acting like a puppy again. I have a similar testimony with my 10 year old dog. Love this stuff! 


I use this with my dogs.


If your dog has separation anxiety, these can REALLY make training them MUCH easier because they can help you pinpoint the duration they're capable of, taking the guess  work out of desensitization exercises. And with the talk back feature, you can actually interact with them, to a degree. 

1 For $39 and 2 for $72. WELL worth it with the curtains, walls, doors, and shoes you won't be replacing if you use them right!

I get asked all the time what leashes, beds, etc., I would recommend. I will be putting these products on this page, from now on so that as I update, you'll find my favorites.

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