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Effortlessly turn your dog into a reliable,  companion.

One that listens to you EVERY time, on leash
OR off leash!

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5000+ Owners Helped

We've helped over 5000 owners  worldwide since this company was started in just 2018.

Hundreds of lives saved

Some owners have admitted that without our guidance, they feel confident their dog was headed for court-ordered euthanasia.

International client base

With Clients across the world, we're anything but a "local dog training service". You're working with a worldwide pro.

Go-To For Rescue Organizations

We partner with many rescue organizations as their "go-to" trainers to save the "unadoptable" dogs.

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What if you could do ANYTHING with your dog? What if they were the most reliable part of your life? Sound impossible? It's not.

What if you could say goodbye to all
the barking at the door...

The  destruction of your home...

Or your dog striking fear into your guests as
"man's best friend" aggressively barks and crowds them while you try to open the front door for them...

What if TODAY was THE LAST DAY you had to worry about your dog NOT listening to you?

How much easier would your life be? 

What if, EVEN OFF LEASH, your dog listened to every command instantly?

Image by Sincerely Media

I can promise you - it's possible to get there. And it'll happen quicker than you think.

In just 6 weeks you'll wonder if this is even the same dog.

How do I know?

Because along with countless others, Lori experienced a night and day change in her first 2 DAYS, let alone 6 weeks.

Hear Lori's Story

Great Case Study

"My house became total chaos. We were going to have to rehome her...The home was just utter chaos."

"After Day 2 I can't even describe it, she was already a different dog."

Really? Two days?

I'll admit Piper's training wasn't COMPLETED after 2 days, far from it! But that's how long it took for the Perfect Pack Formula™ to make noticeable changes.

So how?

  • Communicating naturally, the way mom did with her puppies, originally. (Speaking their language)

  • Leveraging relationship to posture the dog to enjoy listening.

  • Using Neuroscience and Therapeutic Strategies to help the dog to use different parts of the brain to process stimuli that would normally trigger them.

  • And by creating a comprehensive training routine that's easy enough for a 10 year old to follow.

Watch this

Let me ask you a question:

If you took your dog outside, told them "down, stay." and then walked 50ft away, with no leash in your hand would they wait 20 minutes to be released?

What about 10? Just 5?

If you can't, with certainty, answer that your dog would confidently wait until you release them, no matter how long it is, you are not living to your full potential as an owner and your dogs are missing out on an intimacy that they could have with you. I won't even talk about what happens when many owners "release" their dogs and they just run everywhere but to the owner they were called to.

I'm talking about 
an unbreakable bond, on which you could stake THEIR LIVES.

THAT's the caliber I expect with every dog I work with.

Yes, my expectations are 

 Welcome to intentional excellence.

This is not a fly-by-night program. We are craftsmen, ready to mold your dog into the perfect partner. 

Mediocrity ends here. 


infographic dog training

Remember Lori from above?

She had a "wild child" that she worried was totally unchangeable. 


But I showed her the secret to work WITH her dog LIKE A PARTNER - not a pet. 

That gave her unrivaled confidence.

piper thank you pic.jpg
Image by Sincerely Media

Now she has the perfect pet she's always dreamed of...

And she's not alone!

You can see tons of reviews from countless others below whose lives were changed by the difference they've seen in their dogs.

And I was honored to work with them.

Seriously! Why?

The truth is they deserved this outcome with their dogs...

They were tired of the "same old-same old" and were ready to execute. 

I believe the future belongs to those who are ready to take action.

The question is will you join them? Will you let me change your life with your dogs forever, for the better?

If you're a do-er and not just a think-er, you're my kind of person and I want to work with you. Click the button below and lets get your dream in motion.



p.s. By clicking the button you're agreeing to trade "close enough" for the best of the best!

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