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Effortlessly turn your dog into a reliable,  companion.

Without having to leave your house,
or ship them off!

No Treats
No Cruelty
No Gadgets, Collars, Etc.,

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We train owners

We've helped thousands of owners to get the most out of their dogs and bring harmony in the home.

You didn't get a dog to be stressed, angry, etc.

You got them to enjoy and love them!

That's what we're here to fix. Our main goal is preparing dog owners to never need a dog trainer again.

For the rest of their lives.

"You're working yourself out of a job?"

Well yes, essentially. Let me explain how we work:

We train you thoroughly.

Your dog behaves and you never need help again.

You'll probably tell all your friends.

The formula we've pretty much always relied on

What method of training do you use?

It's hard to quantify in just a few words but essentially we believe in
2 key ingredients.

  • Communicating naturally, the way mom did with her puppies, originally.

  • Leveraging relationship to create better behavior patterns and shift some of your dog's desires to more closely resemble yours.

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            "Develop communication skills." -Warren Buffet

This expert advice from one of the most successful stock traders in history holds true with your dog. Dogs have a culture of their own by which they interpret the world around them. I've often mentioned that in certain parts of Europe, if you don't burp after your meal, you're considered rude. Does this mean we think entirely differently from them here in the South US, where burping at the table would breed a lecture from your mother? Not at all. It means we have a different culture. We still think very similarly, in fact Psychological Studies have proven relatively universal. The break down in communication between those who grew up with a different culture is almost always 

due to the other party not understanding these key differences. Disney world employees are not allowed to point with their fingers because it's taboo in many global cultures. Many of us, myself included, would find ourselves despised by others around the globe simply because we don't know enough about their culture to communicate effectively. The remedy for this is often to get a guide, translator, etc. That is what our trainers are. Having worked with thousands of dog owners, we know how you feel and we also know how your dog feels. We're here to bridge that gap and restore harmony to the home using nothing more than the relationship between you and them, and their culture.

The Novice

Who we help...

We've worked with people from every walk of life. We've even had clients who didn't own dogs, if you can believe that!

We've worked with 
Super Bowl Champions, fellow dog trainers, rescue organizations, Judges, platinum selling sound name it!

The Experienced

Fellow Trainers

If you're a first time dog owner, welcome! Our programs start with the very fundamentals, so don't worry we have you covered!

Maybe you've had dogs all your life and you're in your 70s but now you're stumped or maybe you just believe in training that much. Either way, we've got a program designed for you.

Absolutely, we've trained fellow trainers! None of us are so infallible that we can't stand to learn a thing or two from one another.

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Meet the Team

Meet Chris and Hooper, the people behind the reputation. Growing up Chris was always told he "had a way with animals". After a particularly tragic mauling at a young age, Chris set out to use that knack of his to make a difference in the world of dogs.

14,000 hours of study later, and that's just what he does, one family at a time.

Hooper came to PPDT while working in the shelter system. He realized no matter how well the facility ran, there was only one way to make a greater difference than he was currently making--keeping them from coming there.


Hooper may not have 14,000 of study, but make no mistake he is a consummate professional and his clients rave of how different their dogs have become since working with him.

So what sets you apart from other dog training companies?

Well instead of just bragging on ourselves, we'll just show you what previous clients have had to say.

Reviews from actual clients